of high resolution surround music

Here are all the tracks that the artists on have approved for free streaming in lossless and mostly high resolution

Markus Reuter

Todmorden 513 – part I

Live in Morelia 2016 teaser

Ben Craven

Great Divide

Golden Band

Mike Vieira

Disturbing the Universe

Break You

Interstellar Sequence


The Amnis Initiative

Singularity from Alternate Timelines

1991 from Alternate Timelines

Hunted from Terminator Revisited

Liberation from Ejection

Reunited from Ejection

A Sky Full Of Stars from Ejection

DNA from Identity

Legacy from Identity

First Man Standing from Cinematic

Incitation from Cinematic

Rediscovery Of The Cosmos from Cinematic

The Origin from Relaxation Music

First Light from Relaxation Music

Nexus Six



Jamsession No4



Determination (2017 mix – Short)

Oceanology (mixdown)

Basement Below

8th Symphony


Michell Guzmán

Redshift Teaser

Keith Hopcroft

Route Secondaire Teaser

Hello (ReUpmix – Extended 4.1 from stereo upmix)

John Hickey

The Crow Kills (extract)

Quad audio streaming:


Emphasis (Quad)

Basement Below

8th Symphony (Quad)

7.1 audio streaming:

Emphasis (7.1)

Quad field recordings

If used by others the label have to be added.

Larch – Zoom H2 quad recording (44-16 pcm) Label: Printz Music

Birds – Zoom H2 quad recording (44-16 pcm) Label: Printz Music

Bees in flowering hydrangea – Zoom H2 quad recording (44-16 pcm) Label: Printz Music

Thunder And Rain – 5.1 Zoom H2 recording (44-16 pcm) Label: Printz Music

Summer Thunder In Copenhagen – 5.1 Zoom H2 recording (44-16 pcm) Label: Printz Music

River In Austria – Zoom H2 quad recording (44-16 pcm) Label: Printz Music


For testing purposes. Here is a compressed ac3 version of Odyssey Emphasis:
640 kbps multichannel ac3
It is likely to download only and is not playable online. Mediaplayers like VLC can be used for playback (remember to set sound output to 5.1 in your sound settings of your operative system or read more here)

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Computer/laptops can stream and hopefully soon APP’s on mobil devices too!

Playlist-file for Foobar2000 and playlist-file for VLC mediaplayer (updated Februar 15th 2021)

Files are mostly in high resolution, so a fast internet connection can be needed.

Browsers supporting surround streaming: Google Chrome, Firefox & Edge (Microsoft Explorer doesn’t support multichannel audio streaming)

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Video streaming with 5.1 sound (click here)

Thanks to all the artists supporting music in surround sound!!!

5.1 audio test (44kHz 24 bit flac)