Nexus Six – Jamsession200812

Minimum price: 4.00

Minimum price: 4.00


Download what you want of 5.1 surround sound & stereo (44,4kHz 24 bit FLAC) and 256 kbps mp3 stereo.

5.1 streaming of Jamsession-No4  &  Stereo stream on Youtube & Bandcamp

Sometimes people randomly meet in time and space and small miracles occur:

Nexus Six Live jam session is a good example!

Nothing was arranged in advance; The music arose in the moment it was played!


Jamsession prelude   1:29

JamsessionNo1   16:41

JamsessionNo2   9:12

JamsessionNo3 (with F. Kjær on iPad & T. Anker on iPhone)  17:43

JamsessionNo4 (with T. Anker on iPhone)   8:09

JamsessionNo5 (with T. Anker on iPhone)   3:59


Can be used on videoproductions free  (eg. youtube) as long as you add our name: Nexus Six & the link:

Played on Arduino, MacBook/pd, iPod & iPad (Samsung smartphone on No3)

Nexus Six is: Jesper Pedersen & Jan Printz

5.1 surround mix & stereo mix in 24 bit FLAC from Printz Music Studio.

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