Nexus Six – La Grange Point

Minimum price: 6.00

Minimum price: 6.00


Digital download – Download what you want of mixes in 5.1 surroundsound flac (44kHz 24bit), stereo flac & mp3

5.1 streaming/download of the 2 tracks: Istanbul & Veracity

Stereo stream on Youtube & Bandcamp

La Grange Point is a tribute to the music of the 70’s especially Frank Zappa, Weather Report, David Gilmour/Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Alan Parsons and ELP!

8/9 instrumental, electronic, art / progressive rock by Jesper Pedersen & Jan Printz

Recorded home at Jesper & printz music studio 1999 (pcm 44kHz 24 bit).

Composed, arranged, produced, photo & artwork by Nexus Six.

Nexus six are:
jan printz – guitars, percussion, vocals, computer and lyricist
jesper pedersen – keyboards, computer, percussion, guitar and vocals
flute by anne tollestrup on coda
all tracks written and performed by Nexus six.

Released September 16, 2016 from from Printz Music Studio.

Jesper Pedersen & Jan Printz
copyright 1999/2012

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© Nexus Six 1999, 2012, 2016 (2.0/5.1 mix).