Video streaming (720p) with 5.1 sound

(HD/1080p for faster internet connections and 480p for slower)

Robert Rich

From Robert Rich – Soundquest 2021

Stick Men

From the 2019 5.1 mix of Prog Noir:

Prog Noir (720p + 482 kbps aac 5.1 sound) – Stereo and comments on Youtube

The Tempest (Lyric Video) from ‘Prog Noir‘ (720p + 482 kbps aac 5.1 sound) – Stereo and comments on Youtube

Gary Husband & Markus Reuter

Streaming of Across The Azure Blue with 385 kbps 5.1 sound

Streaming of White Horses (for Allan) with 385 kbps 5.1 sound

Marcus Reuter

Liquid Moon from Monde, Vol 1

Liquid Moon. Video by Yana Tsyvis – (Stereo and comments on Youtube)

Follow the Nymph aka Todmorden 513 – Movement III

(720p + 319kbps aac 5.1 sound) – Stereo and comments on Youtube


Goodbye (Live at Crescendo Festival 2018)

Streaming with 5.1 sound (495 kbps acc) – Like/comment on Youtube.

Interstellar Sequence (on Youtube)

Electronic Brain (mixed in stereo by Martin Mikulecky and 5.1 by Jan Printz)

Electronic Brain by Interstellar Sequence (720p + 488 kbps aac 5.1 sound)

Impulse (remixed in stereo by Martin Mikulecky and 5.1 by Jan Printz)

Impulse by Interstellar Sequence (720p + 487 kbps aac 5.1 sound)


emphasis by odyssey (720p + 474 kbps aac 5.1 sound)

emphasis from metastasia by odyssey

Lasse Hoile didn’t have the time for making the 14:13 prog ambient music video(!) – So Jan Printz had to make it (low-budged) himself!;)

It’s dogme – handheld recordings and effects.

It’s about nature – industry correlation.

Will there be a way for sapiens?

Recorded on the West Region of Copenhagen (Vestegnen)


Krisztián Hofstädter – Shamanic Soundscape – Jester:

Quad mix (here as 5.1 with muted center & sub channels)

Stereo mix, info & support on Bandcamp

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Computer/laptops can stream and hopefully soon APP’s on mobil devices too!

Playlist-file for Foobar2000 and playlist-file for VLC mediaplayer 

Browsers supporting surround video streaming: Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge & Explorer. A HDMI cable from a computer to surround amplifier is required (or at least a optic cable going up to 1440 kbps only).

Playing on mono/stereo devices will result in audio mix-down or playing of the front channels only. Audio downmix can give phase problems and not the optimal sound.

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Uncompressed audio surround sound streaming (click here)

Thanks to all the artists supporting music in surround sound!!!