Video streaming with 5.1 sound

– for fast internet connections (1080p) 

(720p here for slower internet connections and 480p here)

Interstellar Sequence (on Youtube)

Electronic Brain (mixed in stereo by Martin Mikulecky and 5.1 by Jan Printz)

Electronic Brain by Interstellar Sequence (1080p + 320 ac3 5.1 sound)

Impulse (remixed in stereo by Martin Mikulecky and 5.1 by Jan Printz)

Impulse by Interstellar Sequence (1080p + 320 ac3 5.1 sound)


emphasis HD (1080p + 320 ac3 5.1 sound)

emphasis from metastasia by odyssey

Lasse Hoile didn’t have the time for making the 14:13 prog ambient music video(!) – So Jan Printz had to make it (low-budged) himself!;)

It’s dogme – handheld recordings and effects.

It’s about nature – industry correlation.

Will there be a way for sapiens?

Recorded on the West Region of Copenhagen (Vestegnen)

A 3:30 mp4 teaser:

emphasis downmix (mp4 compressed)

– 0 –

Browsers supporting surround video streaming: Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge & Explorer. A HDMI cable from a computer to surround amplifier is required. 

Files are mostly in high resolution, so a fast internet connection can be needed.

Thanks to all the artists supporting music in surround sound!!!