The Amnis Initiative – Alternate Timelines

Minimum price: 10.00

Minimum price: 10.00


Download what you want of 5.1 FLAC (24 bit 44kHz),  stereo FLAC (16-44) and mp3 (320 kbps). Artwork and booklet are included.
5.1 Audio Streaming:

Track 1:   Singularity


Track 16:   1991


Stereo streaming on Bandcamp


Retro synth music that takes the best of the ’70s, the ’80s and perhaps some of the ’90s as well, to paint an updated picture of the future we once dreamed of. Electronic instrumental music from the old days, with a touch of the revisionist nostalgia that synthwave, vaporwave, retrowave, neo cyberbunk have brought to life.

Click on the links below to stream the 5.1 audio

1. Singularity 4:58
2. Hunted 3:08
3. Pale Blue Dot 4:53
4. Crossroads 5:50
5. 1978 5:07
6. Charged Particles 5:04
7. Shimmering Waves 3:44
8. Destination Unknown 5:17
9. Epiphany 5:30
10. Duality 4:09
11. Evening Shadows 3:23
12. Anemoia 7:47
13. TX-500 4:07
14. Welcome To The Blue Zone 4:01
15. Burning Sun 2:36
16. 1991 6:01

All music composed, performed and produced by D. F. Lodewijks

Tracks 2 and 13 previously released on the digital EP: Terminator RevisitedRecorded, mixed and mastered between August 2020 and May 2021 at the Track 14 studio in Veldhoven, The NetherlandsInstruments: U-He, Roland, MemoryMoon, Daichi Laboratory, EastWest, Steinberg, Valhalla, Overloud, Waves, Audio Assault

Mastered by Lime Mixed Media

Packaging and graphic design: Lime Mixed Media
Special thanks to Sufian Irhimeh, Elsa Lodewijks, Yvonne van Oosterhout and Cherry VanillaAlso available in stereo on CD (digipack) as AM37750

Also available in stereo on all major digital download and streaming media as AM37767

All tracks:
(p) Amnismusic 2021
© Lime Mixed Media 2021