Keith Hopcroft – Downstream

Minimum price: 9.00

Minimum price: 9.00


2017 remaster of the 1992 album Downstream by Keith Hopcroft & Jan Printz.

Download what you want of stereo flac, 4.1 ReUpmix (Remix Upmix) & steady upmix (all flac in 96 kHz 24 bit) and a 320 kbps 48kHz mp3 (in stereo)

Streaming: Extended 4.1 upmix of the track Hello. (Normal steady 4.1 upmix of Hello here)

Stereo streaming on Bandcamp.

Recorded at ‘Sweet 16’ Copenhagen between 1989-1992

1   Spring

2   Hello

3   One Way Out

4   Garden Lover

5   Downstream

6   On His Way

7   Something Old & Something New

8   It

9   Goodbye

10  Graves

Many thanks to the following:

Cliff Garley; Drums Hello, Downstream, On His Way.

Morten Friis; Drums It. Marimba Graves.

Charles Maskelyne; Piano Hello, On His Way, Something Old & Something New.

Carsten Hoj; Bass guitar It.

Mark Saxton; Drums Garden Lover.

Howard; The voice from the north.

And finally to Susanne my wife for the female voice.

All other instruments & voices by Keith Hopcroft


(c) Keith Hopcroft 1992 & 2017