Ben Craven – Two False Idols



Download what you want of 5.1 flac & stereo flac.

Streaming 5.1 flac of Great Divide and Golden Band.

Streaming of stereo, CD & CD/DVD purchase on Bandcamp.

The original 5.1 surround mix from 2006, presented as individual lossless 5.1 FLAC files 16/48 format, as per the original masters.

Stereo version remixed in 2012, this is a reissue of Ben Craven’s debut album “Two False Idols” (originally released under the name of “Tunisia”). 16/44 format.

Includes PDF booklet with new liner notes by the artist.

Recorded 2006 in 48 kHz 16 bit pcm.

Copyright Ben Craven 2017