Network 23 – Return to Berlin – Part 6

Minimum price: 5.00

Minimum price: 5.00


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   5.1 streaming of the first track Buddist Dude

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  1. Buddhist Dude   11:14
  2. Synchronicity   05:46
  3. Mindset   10:13
  4. Quatorze   22:00
  5. Delia   08:44

Return To Berlin – Part 6 is the latest collection in our series influenced by the Berlin School of Progressive Electronica.

The magic created by working with complex intertwining sequences is hard for us to resist for long! And whilst the five pieces in this collection are primarily built on these sequenced patterns, each composition also takes its inspiration from right across the last 50+ years of electronic music to create something new.

Thanks again to Christine Faulkner for the artwork.

Released in stereo June 1, 2021 and 5.1 surround sound August 13, 2021