Markus Reuter – Older Than God



Purchase the album and support Markus Reuter and download what you want of 5.1 multichannel flac and quad flac (4.0) all in 44 kHz 24 bit.

5.1 streaming: Older Than God – Teaser
Stereo download and streaming available on Bandcamp
Recorded in September 2002 and originally released as a CD-R album on the Burning Shed label, I’m making this download available for the completists. I’m hoping to re-record these compositions some day, as I’m not happy with the very basic sounds I had available when recording them.
Written and recorded by Markus Reuter
2019 January remaster, stereo and quadraphonic mix in 44-24 by Markus Reuter and 5.1 translation by Jan Printz.

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