Michell Guzmán – Redshift (Blu-ray iso-file)

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Minimum price: 8.00


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Redshift. Inspired by travel, any travel. And space… Story told through 50s sci-fi movies…

2017 stereo mix can be streamed on Bandcamp.
Released 15. August 2018 as multichannel FLAC in 48 kHz 24 bit as quadraphonic mix & 5.1 mix (Includes the 2017 stereo mix in 44-16 FLAC)
Released 15. September 2018 as:
1) Blu-ray iso-file (Includes the FLAC files) as digital download
2) BD-R Blu-ray disc (with the quadraphonic mix & 5.1 mix)


Released in stereo August 1, 2017
Michell Guzman: guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion and programing
Pedro Narvaez: bass on tracks 2, 3, 5 and 6
Santiago Salazar: mixing and mastering
Release in quadraphonic & 5.1 – 15. August 2018 (FLAC) & 15. September 2018 (Blu-ray iso-file/BD-R)
Jan Printz: 2018 remix, mastering of surround mixes at Printz Music Studio.
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