Robert Rich – Vestiges

Minimum price: 9.00

Minimum price: 9.00


Purchase the album and support Robert Rich and download what you want of 5.1 multichannel flac (24-48), stereo flac (24-96) and 320 kbps mp3.

The Fading Shore of Memory mp4 streaming with 316 kbps multichannel sound

Streaming in stereo on Bandcamp

Is also part of the Blu-ray (BD-R) Robert Rich 2016 – 2019

The download includes a digital book with all of the cover images and liner notes. Also, it includes a CUE sheet, which is a text file that you can use to play the album correctly in players such as Foobar2000 or VLC. Be sure that the Filename in the CUE file matches the filename of the download.

This is the full resolution 24 bit 96 kHz stereo master, with all of the pieces flowing together as on the original. Please look at the cue list for timing between the sections.


Adrift on slack tide, trending out into the vestiges of fading light
The night that dawns knows nothing of this passing thought
Quietly slipping past the buoys, ever farther from shore’s embrace

Released November 17, 2016

Robert Rich – MOTM and Euro modular, Haken Continuum, Piano,
DSI Prophet 12 and 6, lap steel guitar, Ocarina, PVC flutes.
Chari Chuang – Voice clouds on 3, 4
Dimitris Menexopoulos – Lyra clouds on 3

Recorded in 2016 at Soundscape Mountain View
Composed, Mixed and Mastered by Robert Rich ©2016 BMI

Gratitude to the Builders: DSI, SynthTech, Old Crow, STG,
Intellijel, Audio Damage, Haken and many more.
Love and thanks to Dixie. Dedicated my parents,
and to all who gave us life.

Photos © by Brad Cole, Design by John Bergin.

© all rights reserved