Jim Petit – Au Son Des Lacs

Minimum price: 10.00

Minimum price: 10.00


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Surround streaming of the first track Altenweiher
Stereo streaming on Bandcamp

This album is the result of dowser pendulum analysis of the lakes Altenweiher, Fischboedle and Schiessrotried’s water. Thanks to this approach, I was able to define for each lake the musical notes to use, the tempi, time signatures and set two Moog synthesizers’ oscillators, frequency filters and other envelope generators. To these electronic compositions, I’ve added the seasonal soundscapes to produce three original and ambient musical pieces.


Jim Petit – composition and production, Minimoog Voyager, Moog Mother 32 and field recordings

With the support of the Grand Est Prefecture and the departemental council of Haut Rhin