Jim Petit

Jim Petit is a french musician and composer born in 1980 specializing in slide guitar, Moog synthesizers and soundscapes.

Jim is known for his unique approach to slide guitars and the originality of his work as a composer. His music is influenced by classical music from North India, blues, progressive rock, concrete music, electronic and symphonic music. He studied slide guitar in New Delhi with Pandit Shri Krishna Sharma and symphonic orchestration at the Colmar Conservatory. Jim has performed on French, German, Czech and Scandinavian’s stages. He has composed and recorded music with a stone carver, blues-rock and world music musicians, the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, the Youth Choir of the National Rhine Opera, The Chanteval choir and the wind orchestra Ilienkopf


Surround Sound Streaming:

Surround streaming of the first 6 min 20 sec of Solstices & Équinoxes

Surround streaming of the first track Altenweiher from Au Son Des Lacs

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