Markus Reuter – Monde, Vol. 1

Minimum price: 10.00

Minimum price: 10.00


Purchase the album and support Markus Reuter and download what you want of 5.1 multichannel flac and quad flac (4.0) all in 44 kHz 24 bit.

5.1 mp4 streaming of the last track: Liquid Moon. Video by Yana Tsyvis – (Stereo and comments on Youtube)
Stereo download and streaming available on Bandcamp

1.  Dark Side 03:58
2.  Full Moon 10:00
3.  Once in a Blue Moon 06:13
4.  Alunir 08:04
5.  Selene 06:43
6.  Metis 09:26
7.  Theia 07:44
8.  Mondrian 07:48
9.  Liquid Moon 08:07
Calming beautiful and relaxing music from Markus Reuter, ideal for sleep, massage, meditation and stress relief.

Releases May 17, 2019

Composed and performed by Markus Reuter

Recorded live at John‘s Studio in Berlin, Germany, November 2018
Mixed, mastered and produced by Markus Reuter (Unsung Productions)

Artwork by Evan J. Parker III
Photograph of MR by Ioana Tăut
Design by 

Special thanks to Bernie Quiroga, Philipp Quaet-Faslem, Andrzej Mackiewicz. Jan Printz and Lee Fletcher |
(P) & (C) 2019 Markus Reuter

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