Jesper Pedersen – Additive Space

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Minimum price: 1.00


Released as 5.1, quad & stereo FLAC in 24 bit 44kHz + 320 kbps mp3. Duration: 10:00

1:00 teaser (quad)

Additive Space (2018) was composed to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Danish architect Jørn Utzon and was premiered at the Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

The sonics in Additive Space is created using modular synthesizers and digital sound transformations. Inspired by the design principles of Utzon’s private home Can Lis in Mallorca I slowly shift the sonic focus back and fourth from an contemplative, calm and introverted sound world to a roaring glittery, loud and extroverted sonic perspective. The piece ends in contemplation.

/Jesper Pedersen

Performed, produced and mixed by Jesper Pedersen except the 5.1 mix by Jan Printz.

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