DADU – Sides 1&2

Minimum price: 7.00

Minimum price: 7.00


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  • 5.1 FLAC in 48-24,
  • MP4 with 192 kbps ac3 5.1 sound. 1. track video in HD . Track 2-10 with still pictures
  • Stereo FLAC in 48-24
The first track “Three Hundred Days (feat. Howard Levy)” with 5.1 sound 
Stereo streaming from Bandcamp and on Youtube


Side 1: 1-6 Songs with words
Side 2: 7-10 Songs without words
Both sides contain songs written, performed, and produced by DADU. with a special guest appearance by Howard Levy (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Trio Globo) on harmonica and piano.

Released in stereo February 19, 2022 and surround sound March 4, 2022.

DADU (Burt Wolff): vocals, synths, guitars, bass, flute, keys, cover art, mix etc.
Howard Levy: Harmonica (300 Days, Surfer Boys Chantey, River X, Great Sky Delta), Piano (The Dreamtime) Thank you Howard!

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