Jan Printz – Return of the Printz


The Jan Printz tribute to symphonic rock

Surround mixes to be released around December 2022 here.
Stereo mix released Oct 23th. on Bandcamp


Music by Jan Printz and lyrics of Make Up by Jacob Tholle & Better Than That by Jan Printz. The 2 tracks were written in the late 1980’s.


Blue Covers: Choir.

Grétas Ingi Grétarsson: Contrabass.

Jesper Pedersen: Hammond l-100s organ with Leslie 760 pro amplifier on Better Than That & sound consultant.

Marianne Lykke Madsen: Chandler on the Outro.

Martin Rosenkilde Buus Pedersen: 2. & 4. guitar solo on Make Up.

Mikkel Sørensen: Nordstage Piano on Better Than That & Hammond on Make Up, Prophet6 & Memotron plus Memotron improvisation on the Intermezzo.

Miriam Wanner: Choir.

Thomas Hauberg: 2. voice on Make Up & electric bass on Make Up & the intro to Better Than That.

Jan Printz: Lead vocal, percussion, drums & guitars (solo on Better Than That and solo 1, 3 & 5 on Make Up) & Animoog improvisation on the Outro.


All instruments & voices recorded in 2021 & 2022 except Jesper Pedersen, Martin Rosenkilde Buus Pedersen & Miriam Wanner recorded in the late 1990’s & Thomas Hauberg in the start of the 2000’s.

Produced & mixed by Jan Printz at Printz Music Studio.