Frankenfido – Heartless

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Minimum price: 1.00


The debut single from Brisbane-based progressive-pop band Frankenfido.

“A gothic tale of a man beyond redemption, set to a pounding 80s disco beat.”

Available in high resolution 24-bit 96kHz 5.1 surround FLAC zipped with the Cover.jpg.

Written by Ben Craven, Geoffrey Elgey, Malcolm Jacobson, Dean Povey, Ken Robinson

Produced by Ben Craven. Released 2018-01-31

Heartless on Youtube


The music of Frankenfido is an intriguing and genre-defying creation that explores the boundaries of artistry and encourages listeners to re-evaluate their own preconceptions of rhythm, melody, harmony and tuning.

Frankenfido is not so much a band as a way of life, an attitude, a mantra for these disaffected souls who discover themselves trapped in an impersonal and increasingly baffling world.