Stick Men – DEEP (Blu-ray Audio)

Minimum price: 25.00

Minimum price: 25.00


Blu-ray Audio (BD-R) with 5.1 / 4.0 and 2.0 mixes (all as 96 kHz 24 bit  – Price is including worldwide shipping)
NOTE: Rules from May 2022 require that the customs value is applied to the package for shipping to countries outside the EU.

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5.1 teaser of DEEP

Stereo streaming on Bandcamp

Released as:

  1. FLAC (5.1 and 4.0 mix and 2.0 in 96-24 + mp3)
  2. Blu-ray Audio (BD-R)

Tony Levin: Chapman Stick, voice

Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic and electronic drums & percussion

Markus Reuter: 8- and 10-string Touch Guitars, live electronics

Written and produced by Stick Men

Mixed by Machine for Machine Shop Productions

Mastered by Lee Fletcher for Unsung Productions

Executive producers: Stick Men and Richard Schilder

5.1 mixed by Neil Wilkes and BJ Cole and mastered by Simon Heyworth and Andy Miles

Cover design by Ritxi Ostariz.

5.1 to quad downmix and blu-ray authoring and cover* by Jan Printz at Printz Music

*) Blu-ray cover made out of Ritxi Ostariz’ cover design.


Tony’s parts recorded by Tony at Studio 41 in Kingston, NY

Drumming engineered and recorded by p@ @ p@’s place in Dripping Springs, TX

Markus’ parts recorded by Markus and Erik Emil Eskildsen at The Atelier, Innsbruck, Austria


P@ thanks John, Don, Garrison and all the cats at DW drums, Andrew, Tim and all the guys at Paiste, Ben and Vic at Vic Firth, Marco and Steve at Evans/D’Addario, John at Hammerax, Steve and Tim and the folks at Roland, Evan and the Korg team, Vince De Franco at Synesthesia, a big thumbs up to Ableton LIVE, Nord, Stylus RMX.


Markus thanks his wife Renée, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Ed Reynolds, the members of the Touch Guitar Circle, Touch Guitars (, Reunion Blues, as well as Crumar, Darkglass Electronics, WMD, Tech21, Z.VEX, Fuzzhugger(fx), Pigtronix, Jack Deville Electronics, Analog Man, and Digitech for the pedals.


Special thanks to Matthew J Larsen, Junichi Iwawaki, Darcy L Quinlan, Griffith Davies, Philipp Quaet-Faslem, Laura Keen Photography, Richard Schilder, Kenji Takeichi, Diego Santana, Veikko Linko, David Martyn, David L Daniels, Jake Puntis, Jaanus Lee Damsgard, Russell Clemons, Daniel Jarvis, Erik van Oosten, and Allison Bates.


Released December 12, 2018 (and the original album in stereo February 19, 2013)

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