Keith Hopcroft – Day Trip & Route Secondaire (Blu-ray)

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Minimum price: 31.00


Purchase these 2 albums on a single Blu-ray BD-R disc and support Keith Hopcroft.
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All mixes as uncompressed 96 kHz 24 bit except the stereo mix of Route Secondaire in 48 kHz 24 bit.
Day Trip is also release as multichannel FLAC here and Route Secondaire here.
A stand-alone Blu-ray with Day Trip here.

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Day Trip Teaser with 5.1 aac sound. Stereo mix on Spotify


All tracks composed by Keith Hopcroft

Guitars, keyboards and programming by Keith Hopcroft

Susanne Hopcroft: Voices, Inspiration

Peter Brookes: Voices, Inspiration

Recorded and mixed by Keith at Veranda Studio, Copenhagen (2018-2022)

Cover Art `Dust Run’: Paule Neale

Graphic Arts: Franziska Günther

CD Mastered by John Spence at Fairview Studio.

5.1 & quad mixes by Jan Printz at Printz Music Studio.
96kHz 24bit 5.1, quad and stereo mastered by Jan Printz.
(The quad mix will have one more instrument moving around as a tribute to the 1970’ties quad mixes.)

Released March 3, 2023

Streaming of Route Secondaire:


5.1 hi res teaser (96 kHz 24 bit flac) 2017 stereo mix on Bandcamp. 2012 stereo mix on Soundcloud

Route Secondaire also released as:

  1. Flac (5.1 + 4.0 + 2.0 mix in 96-24 incl quad remixes & mp3)
  2. BD-R blu-ray (5.1 + 4.0 + 2.0 mix in 96-24 incl quad remixes)
  3. blu-ray iso-file (incl. all the flac, remixes and mp3 as digital download option)
  4. Q4 reel to reels with the quad mix (incl. remixes*) from HOUSE OF QUAD

Guitars, keyboard & programming by Keith Hopcroft. Morten Friis played Marimba on the tracks Peripherique & Route Secondaire. Susanne Hopcroft sang ‘Baadeedaa’ on Jazz Patrouille, Aire de Repos & Ecomobile. Vocalgroup Blue Covers sang on the 2017 mix of Bouchon & Aire De Repos and Jan Printz added some percussion on the 2017 mix of Arrivee.

Recorded & mixed by Keith at Veranda Studios, Copenhagen between 2009-2012. Trks 5, 8, 11 & 12 were started in Sweet 16 Studio, Copenhagen ca. 1990-1995.

Photos & graphic arts by Lisbet Lavaud.

2017 stereo & 5.1 surround sound + 2018 quad mix by Jan Printz at Printz Music Studio. (Quad mix added ETR Remix by ENOCH the RAD of Peage & Fluide & JP remix by Jan Printz of Essence & Jazz Patrouille)

Released 21. July 2017

© 2023 Keith Hopcroft & Printz Music Studio