Markus Reuter – Todmorden 513 (Concerto for Orchestra by Markus Reuter)

Minimum price: 10.00

Minimum price: 10.00


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Movement I   7:29
Movement II   9:44
Movement III   9:11
Movement IV   5:37
Movement V   5:49
Movement VI   6:22
Movement VII   7:00
Movement VIII   8:16
Written by Markus Reuter, 
Orchestration by Thomas A. BlomsterPerformed by the Colorado Chamber Orchestra, 
Thomas A. Blomster, Music DirectorCCO Personnel manager and Music Director assistant: Naomi Sue SmithAssistant to Markus Reuter: Tobias ReberRehearsal and concert facilitators: Jaanus Damsgard, Cedric Theys
Graphic design: Ritxi Ostáriz, Deepest gratitude to Thomas, Nikki and the estate of Wes Blomster, without whom this would never have been realized.Studio recording at the Green Center, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, April 20, 2013The world-premiere and recording process was also documented here:  


released June 17, 2014

Scott Gusty Christensen: Recording engineer

Robert Rich: Stereo and 5.1 mixing

Mastered by Lee Fletcher for Unsung Productions,

Flute/Piccolo: Alaunde Copley-Woods, Elizabeth Sadilek, Olga Shylayeva

Oboe: Lisa Martin, Miriam Kapner

English Horn: Susanne Sawchuk

Clarinet: Mary Jungerman, April Johannesen, Michael Weaver

Bassoon: Deb Torp, Stan Scheller

Contra Bassoon: Kaori Uno

French Horn: Marian Hesse, David Brussel, John McGuire, Deb Simpson

Trumpet: Bruce Barrie

Flügelhorn: Dan Leavitt

Trombone: Paul Naslund – alto, Bill Stanley – tenor, Pete Vriesenga – bass

Tuba: Mike Allen

Harp: Don Hilsberg

Digital Organ: Noriko Tsuchiya

Violin: Alexandra Eddy – concertmaster, Giga Romero, Lionel Young, Jean Bolger, Ingrid Peoria, Lian Emmerling, Anna Maria Karacson, Susie Peek, Deborah Fuller, Steve Erickson

Viola: Katie Fouse, James Shaw, Aniel Calaban, Gyongyi Petheo

Cello: Elle Wells, Beth Rosbach, Anna Leavitt, Kari Epstein

Bass: Ron Bland, Mike Fitzmaurice

Percussion: Peter Cooper, Bob Jurkscheit, Keith Ewer, Don Roberts, Don Prorak, James Theobold

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