Jim Petit – Solstices & Équinoxes

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Minimum price: 10.00


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From the 2020 autumn equinox to the 2021 summer solstice, from my studio barn in Mittlach, I went to the top of Rothenbachkopf (autumn), Kastelberg (winter), Burgkoepfle (spring) and Herrenberg (summer). At each of these paroxysmal solar events, I put my microphones down to record the soundscape from these summits. On site, while the recording was taking place, I was looking to connect with the geobiological forces to analyze them with my pendulum and thus discover the musical notes, the tempi and adjustments to be made on my Moog synthesizers (MiniMoog Voyager, Moog DFAM and Moog Mother 32).  I also collected samples of the rocks specific to these summits which surround me at each cardinal point to go further on the Moog’s preparation and to write the scores for each instrument.


Jim Petit – composition and production, Minimoog Voyager, Moog DFAM, Moog Mother 32, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, CMI Fairlight, OBX, slide guitars, xylophone, glockenspiel, field recordings

Jean-Christophe Boegler – Fender Bass

Vincent Simon – drums

Musicians of the Ilienkopf Music Society : Claude Ertle: trombone – Nathalie Ertle : flute – Mathilde Kayser : trumpet – Guy Kopp : bugle – Sandra Kopp : alto sax – Danielle Oberle : clarinet – Jean Ritter : Euphonium – Jean- Claude Ritter : timpani – Freddy Ritter : trumpet – Gaëtan Schneider : tenor sax – Fretzy Wehrey : drums


With the support of the French Culture Ministry, the Grand Est Region and the Alsace European Collectivity