The Amnis Initiative – The Colors Of Time

Minimum price: 12.00

Minimum price: 12.00


Download what you want of 5.1 FLAC (24 bit 44kHz),  stereo FLAC (16-44). Artwork and booklet are included.
5.1 FLAC streaming of the title track The Colors Of Time. Stereo streaming on Bandcamp

1. Synaptics 4:57
2. Meet Me In Your Dreams 5:56
3. The Space Race 6:26
4. May 17 2022 7:07
5. The Age Of Discovery 2:12
6. Propulsion 3:45
7. First Light Of The Cosmos 3:30
8. Ripples In Time 5:25
9. A Shade of Silver 5:12
10. The Cyclic Model 6:56
11. The Equivalence Principle 2:50
12. Implications Of The Cyclic Model 3:04
13. Deep Blue Descent 11:47
14. The Colors Of Time 4:16

Total duration: 73:22
Almost 74 minutes of music, in14 brand new instrumental synth tracks, styles ranging from melodic progressive to electronic symphonic and from cinematic ambient to atmospheric Berlin school. What if time is our dive through a chronologic string of impressions, colors and memories?
Composed and produced by D.F. Lodewijks
Packaging and graphic design by Lime Mixed MediaRecorded, mixed and mastered between October 2021 and December 2022 at the Track 14 studio in VeldhovenLicensing: dlodewijks@gmail.comThanks to Sufian Irhimeh, Robert Eichelsheim, Stefan van Keijsteren, Cherry vanilla, Elsa Lodewijks and Yvonne van Oosterhout.Instruments: Novation, Roland, Sequential
Software: Steinberg, U-he, Memorymoon, Daichi Laboratory, EastWest, Valhalla, ArtsAcoustic

Also available on Compact Disc as AM 37781.

Releases March 9. 2023