Kid Arrow – Is it true we’ve only just started?

Minimum price: 5.00

Minimum price: 5.00


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2 minuts part of ‘Is it true we’ve only just started?’ with 444 kbps aac 5.1 surround sound (Stereo on Bandcamp)
Horizon. Starlight. The difference between want and need. Journey and reward. A yielding. An anthropological discovery. This is what lies beneath the surface.
Let’s wander together.


Released in stereo August 14, 2022


Music by Kid Arrow
Quad mixed and produced by Markus Reuter
Quad to 5.1 surround mix by Jan Printz
Artwork by Brother Bow
Mood by The Dawn

Thanks to Ableton, Arturia, Spitfire Audio, oeksound, and Soundtheory for the tools.

131 bpm / V9

Released in surround sound January – 2023

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