Markus Reuter – Comet

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Minimum price: 10.00


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First track ‘Comet’ as 5.1 streaming. 

This follow-up to “Winter Solstice” is my second release of ambient versions of melodies that are associated with Christmas here in Germany. My intention was to present these melodic cells in a new context. I hope you enjoy the results.

Much love,


Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8, Guitar Synth, Dual Looping System
Recorded live at home in Berlin on Saturday, November 20 2021.

Stereo vesion mixed and mastered by Markus Reuter
Surround mixes by Jan Printz (Printz Music)


1 Comet
based on a melody by Johann Abraham Peter Schulz (“Ihr Kinderlein kommet”)

2 Amid The Thorn
based on a traditional melody (“Maria durch ein Dornwald ging”)

3 Rose
based on a traditional melody (“Es ist ein Ros entsprungen”)

4 The Gates Draw Wide
based on a traditional melody (“Macht hoch die Tür”)

5 Here I Stand
based on a melody by Johann Sebastian Bach (“Ich steh an deiner
Krippen hier”, BWV 469)

6 Cometh
based on a melody by Mike Oldfield (“The Time Has Come”)


Released December – 2021

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