For artists who want their surround sound music hosted or sold as digital downloads.

Terms & conditions

If your album are on Bandcamp (See other SM1 albums on BC here) then the info and pictures can be taken from there (except PayPal mail that we need). If your album are not on Bandcamp or you want to add more info/pictures then send* the following:

   For the band/artist:

  • One or more pictures as jpg/png (or links to a artist pic)
  • Some info of the band/artist eventually including some links to Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Youtube etc.  (or links to info)
  • Give your Paypal mail for your payment or your bank account number (with IBAN-number and BIC-code)

   For the album(s):

  • One or more pictures from the album  (or links to an album pic)
  • Some info of the album incl. the price in euro, genre & label tags  (or links to info)
  • Some links to Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Youtube etc. for listen to stereo mix
  • Eventually choose one or more tracks from the album for 5.1 streaming** (as mc FLAC or mp4 video with ac3 sound; can be with the cover as still picture )
  • Pack a zip-file containing multichannel flac-files (in the highest available quality) and a cover jpg/png file and maybe artwork as pdf. (Why flac: See FAQ here)
  • If available it’s recomended to add a zip-file containing stereo flac-files (in the highest available quality) and a cover jpg/png file and maybe artwork as pdf. This way a purchase give the full album where the buyers can download all or what they what of it.
  • If available then a up to 25 gb iso-files for blue-ray or a  up to 4,3 gb iso-file of a DVD or AVCHD-DVD
  • If you want a coupon-code added to albums (for those who already have bought the album on Bandcamp) then mail the coupon-code text to Surroundmusic (starting with a letter). Here the dicount will be taken from the artist payment.

It requires you have all rights of the music and artwork

or have made an agreement with other rights holders of the album that it can be sold on ( will only pay the artist contact)

If the artist wants we can make a contract, but no matter what the music will not be shared with others and only used for sales on SM1. At anytime the artists can ask for removing of their music and it will be deleted from the site.


The price for an album download is up to you! But it has to include the following:

All zip-files under 2 gb:  SM1 takes 15% for each sale of the album. The album can be FREE and if you want that  then SM1 takes € 0 (if files are under 2 gb)

All zip/iso-files under 8 gb:   SM1 takes  15% for each sale of the album.

All zip/iso-files 8 – 18 gb:   SM1 takes 15% + € 1 for each sale of the album.

Zip/iso-files up 18 – 25 gb:   SM1 takes 15% + € 2 for each sale of the album.

Surroundmusic pays around 20% of VAT if sold to an EU country and takes that if sold to an EU country  (25% of all sales in 2019 was to EU. So you can expect an average of 5% in VAT)

When artist exceed purchases more than 4400 Euro their share will go from 85% to 90%

Handling large files are not cheap; SM1 pays the fees for payment / storage / transfer and for the implementing. (10gb traffic itself costs ~1 euro)

You will be paid every 3 month (unless you have multiply sales each month and want payment every month) – Info about sales comes every 3 month.

A new feature ‘Name Your Price’ has been added in 2020, That is now a way fans can support artists additional.

The payment service for the time with lowest fees and best handling of both US Dollars and Euros are PayPal; PayPal takes an averages of 6,2% of payments, so that is added to the sale price and paid by the customers as on Bandcamp. (PayPal fees has some variation as can be seen here)

   Highly recommended: works very fine with a Bandcamp profile: Be seen on Bandcamp, add the link:[your artist name] under ‘About this album’ plus the tags ‘5.1’ & ‘surround’ & ‘’; Sell hi res music here.

*) We can share a Dropbox or use other file transfer systems. File(s) can eventually be as zip or rar

**) In Bandcamp the artist can choose how many times an album can be played before people have to pay. But software can download the music anyway. Surround Music One suggests making one or a few tracks free to 5.1 streaming (can also be downloaded). If people likes it and want it all they can buy the full album. This or these tracks will be added: unless you tell us not be there.