Robert Rich – Travelers Cloth

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Minimum price: 9.00


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Inspired by David Hinton’s translations of T’ang dynasty Chinese poet Tu Fu, whose writing conveyed fundamental Taoist insights during a time of rebellion and chaos. Tu Fu was forced to wander for most of his life, in ill health and poverty, unable to return to his ancestral home. “Travelers’ Cloth” refers to the fabric of vibrating creation that surrounds us, the fabric of life that sustains us, the fragility of comfort and stability. This album explores a question, What is Home?


released May 1, 2023

©2023 by Robert Rich, BMI.
Recorded February 2021 to March 2023 at Soundscape Mtn View & Carmel.
Sequential PX, P12, P6 and Trigon6, Haken Continuum, MOTM, percussion, piano, PVC flutes, gliss and lap steel w/ Aum Guitars Vibraslide, Weissenborn and Ibanez AF85 guitars. Many thanks to Dixie, Christian Arnsperger, Synthesis Technology, Sequential, Moog, Audio Damage, and many others. Inspired by David Hinton’s translations of the poetry of Tu Fu.
Robert Rich:
Artwork and design by John Bergin

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