Robert Rich – Soundquest 2021 – Free Download

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Download what you want of:
1) Concert video as 720p mp4 with 320 kbps aac 5.1 sound playable with for example VLC Media Player.
2) 5.1 FLAC (24-48.   If you load the cue file into for example Foobar2000 or VLC Media Player the 7 tracks will appear)

For edition with Live Video as uncompressed MKV & 1080p mp4 (Click here)

Get the stereo FLAC (24-48) from Bandcamp and comment/watch the concert with stereo sound on Youtube

Also part of the Blu-ray Audio Robert Rich 2020-2021 (Blu-ray)
– Notice that free albums are hosted on a non-expensive server in Denmark and can take time to download –
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Track 1:  The Sentience of Touch as720 mp4 with 320 kbps 5.1 audio

Here’s the concert that Robert Rich recorded for Steve Roach’s excellent Soundquest Festival, which aired on March 28, 2021. It’s a mix of improvisation and composition, then mixed and mastered at high resolution for digital-only distribution.

The last track is the whole thing, same resolution (2448) as the separated tracks before, just without the gaps in case you are having trouble finding a gapless playback.

Thanks to the wonderful audience and helpful technical support during the festival, and to Roberto Miller for the video edit.

released April 2, 2021

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