Why surround music?

Surround mixes often sounds better than stereo mix:

  • Listen to stereo is like being to a concert a distance to the scene while listen to surround mixes is like being on the middle of the stage with the band playing around for you .
  • Surround mixes often comes in hi-res quality
  • In stereo-mix 2 instruments sharing some of the same frequencies often by EQ got lowered the frequencies they share; It gives a better stereo mix. This is not necessary in surround-mix if the 2 instruments are placed in different positions. So here the instruments sounds more naturally and clear:

2 instruments sharing some of the same frequencies in a stereo-mix:

2 instruments with the same frequencies reduced in a stereo-mix (process called masking). This gives a better sound of the stereo mix with more room for the instruments.

2 instruments in a surround-mix each with original sound, where the frequencies do not overlap while coming from different directions. No masking needed giving more natural instrument sounds:

The mission for Printz Music & surroundmusic.one is to help lot of bands releasing (more) of their albums in high resolution (hi-res) surround sound!

So far it often is too expensive for bands making their album into surround sound. But I’ve found a way easily to make CD productions into surround mix. And if it is needed then my web-site also can help selling it digital downloads as multichannel flac files or even big iso-files for DVD/BluRay’s.

After listen to over 100 different albums in surround sound and many of them in hi-res it is very hard to listen to the old CD format from 1980 or worse streamed. This is another reason for doing the first 5 surround mixes for others for free and after that some very low-price! And I miss listen to a lot of albums in surround sound but they are not yet done!

How many can listen to multichannel flac? A lot of people have a home cinema system and just need to connect a laptop/computer with programs like Foobar2000 or VLC-media player and more and more getting surround sound systems. I believe that in these years streaming of music in surround sound become more common and not only exist on Surroundsound.one. Especially if some of the very popular global artists starts to insist their music comes out in the best quality as possible as hi-res surround sound. Give their fans the opportunity to listen to it as they was place in the middle of the band instead of being an audience far from the Stage!

This shows not much is needed before music in surround sound will be a lot more common!

In the 1970’ties the album released in quad did not sell enough because the equipment needed to listen to it was too expensive and not easy to set up.

Now a day all the hardware needed to listen to music in surround sound are present especial the wireless speakers. Some systems has made an APP that can play music in surround sound, but an APP that can make it more easy for a lot of people to listen to surround sound yet needs to be programmed. I’m sure it soon will come! I have some ideas for that myself and maybe I’ll find a way to get it done myself in co work with others.

Why is the music we listen to now, inferior in quality to the CD format from 1980? Do so few people listen to music in 5.1 because there isn’t much 5.1 released?

Printz Music is going to give a hand in the right direction; To a world with more music that’s just sounds better!

When I was mixing  Keith Hopcroft – Route Secondaire I could switch between the 5.1 mix in 96 kHz 24 bit and the 2012 stereo mix in 44,1kHz 16 bit; The 5.1 mix can sound up to twice as good as the CD stereo mix! The music opens up in 5.1 and can sound more natural in hi-res!!

Everyone who have some music they really love to sit down and listen to should try that!!!

So bands I’ll love to mix in surround sound for free is linked here.

/Jan Printz