Car Audio

Make a better world!

Support music in better quality in surround sound + get a chance to support your favorite artist.

For all innovative car companies who want to give the drivers the best opportunity to listen to music the best and most sustainable way.
We have until now close to 100 free tracks in surround sound for streaming or download. Contact us for a textfile with the links or use to playlist files for VLC-media player or Foobar2000.
Instead of always streaming music from sites like Tidal/Spotify using bandwidth it can be more sustainable to have a download option for music in the car (or on the drivers smartphone)
On we have allmost all albums with a free track or two. Some albums are free and ready for download and some can be purchased where around 85-90% goes to the artist and most of the rest for hosting and transfer of files normally between a few hundred megabytes to 2 gigabytes – This makes it also more sustainable for the artist that their fans gets an opportunity to support the artist.

This takes an innovative car company that fast a easy can make over air update to the car fleet. For now it seems to be Tesla that can do that. Let us know if there are others. More information about how co-work could work:


Written by Jan Printz August 31th 2022