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Break You

I’m a singer, musician and songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years I’ve performed with various local groups, contributed to musical projects, such as friends’ albums or movie soundtracks and written songs just because.
In 2009 I released a self-produced CD called Out the Window. At the time, it was simply a miracle that it got done. I had a lot of help. We all made mistakes, but somehow we developed a final work we were happy (enough) with and learned a lot. I still like some of Out the Window… While it did not sell out, I was able to recoup costs and give the proceeds to 2 charities, in honor of the tracks Dancing Skeletons and Only Traces. It felt profoundly good that my music could be of some benefit to this world. You’ll hear several songs from Out the Window reworked on this album. Performances, arrangements and mixing have all been updated. You can hear some of the Out the Window material (plus newer and older stuff) here:
Right around the 2013/2014 time frame, I linked up with American hard/prog rock group Moth. We self-produced 2 albums: Mars on the Horizon and Magus Orbis Terrae Hereditas (this magical world is
our inheritance). A few of the tracks have been updated for this album, though they are pretty close to their Moth incarnations. I believe those albums sold out, but you can hear them streaming here:
There are several brand-spankin’ new tracks showcased here as well! Written while jamming and performing in the area.
So, how did I get inspired to produce a new 2.0/5.1 project? I really have to give credit to the quadraphonicquad.com (QQ) community, in tandem to my ever-growing surround music obsession.
While learning about various surround formats and feverishly trying to obtain (affordable) recordings, it dawned on me that I was sitting on multitracks myself and that some of that music might translate well to surround. Over the last couple of years I received a lot of advice and eventually became acquainted with ji eff, the mixing/remixing engineer and arranger for the project, through the incredible 5.1 albums Celeste and In the Unknown (very discrete and excellent orchestral compositions). Together we formed a profoundly productive collaboration. Initially, I only hoped to get my existing multis mixed in to surround, as well as possible. My multis did the trick for some tracks, but not for others. Fortunately, ji eff wasn’t just the bearer of bad news, but really stepped-up
and produced some wonderful updated sounds. Out of the blue ji eff would also send me very well-executed remixes of certain tracks. In some cases I’ve grown to like these as much or more than the main track! This project would simply be something inferior to what it has become without ji eff. I could never say enough about that.
What more can be said? I’m very, very grateful for the encouragement and help I’ve received along the way from so many people. I’m especially thankful for my collaborators, many of whom, but not all, are showcased here. There has been frustration and failure, but also joy and success. Many of my best relationships are rooted in musical collaboration. For example, the wonderful lady you hear on this record just delivered my first child a few weeks ago! And the sparks really started flying with my wife when I joined a college choir… A very special thank you goes out to my friends and family, for their support. And to every listener. You are what it’s all about.
While there are other tracks, old and new, that could be suitable for surround mixing someday, this is the best of what could be produced at this time.
Maybe there is another surround project in the future though. One can always hope.

Stereo streaming on Bandcamp: https://mike-vieira.bandcamp.com/releases

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