Blu-ray discs from is all BD-R made as Disc-On-Demands by Printz Music Studio. It has the policy that fans should be able to buy the music in a high resolution format they prefer and at the same time support the artists.

It has the advantages that even a small print can be made and they will not be sold out or an excess will be destroyed as happens sometimes with large quantities of factory-made discs.

Prices for all Blu-ray discs on is including worldwide shipping. Postage for 2 Blu-rays is the double of one (under 100g) and for 3 (over 250g) it’s triple. So unfortunately there can be no discount here purchasing 2 or 3 Blu-rays.

Long life DB-R discs are used with label printed direct on the disc and coated with color protection spray.

Track and Trace

If you purchase 4 or more Blu-ray’s then Track and Trace as a registered letter is free.

When you purchase 3 Blu-ray’s you can for 4 euros add Track and Trace as a registered letter.

It is more expensive to add Track and Trace for fewer discs! If you want it anyway, then choose one of these options:

If you purchase 2 Blu-ray’s you can for 8 euros add Track and Trace as a registered letter. Then add a quantity of 2 of this product.

If you purchase 1 Blu-ray you can for 12 euros add Track and Trace as a registered letter. Then add a quantity of 3 of this product.

Due to COVID-19 shipping in these days only goes to:

All EU countries and the following countries: Canada, Bangladesh, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Iceland, Hong Kong, Belarus, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Qatar, Russia , Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UK, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Uganda, Ukraine, USA and Uzbekistan

Updated 2020-06-27

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Showing all 11 results