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Streaming in 4.0 (quad) of track 1: SymbionProject – Arcadian & track 2: SymbionProject – Napoleon

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Bittersweet indie-electronic songs about escape, alternate universes, and heartache. Features a variety of talented singers and instrumentalists.

“Such Letting Go is Love” is dedicated in fond memory of Kristen Stark.


released September 9, 2016

Arcadian, Beekeeper’s Muse, You Remain,
Cut Through the Noise, & Mikros Kosmos
Written & performed by Kasson Crooker (BMI)

Napoleon, Venus
Written by Kasson Crooker & Melissa R Kaplan (BMI)
Vocals & lyrics by Melissa R Kaplan (BMI)

Written by Kasson Crooker & Markus Junnikkala (Teosto)
Vocals & lyrics by Markus Junnikkala

Such Letting Go is Love
Written by Kasson Crooker & Geoffrey Klok
Classical guitar by Geoffrey Klok

Beekeeper’s Muse
Additional synth & drum programming by Jon Drukman
French horns performed by Gus Sebring & Abe Owen
Horns engineered by Dan Sebring

The Charmed
Written by Kasson Crooker & Jenni Potts (BMI)
Vocals & lyrics by Jenni Potts

You Remain
Background vocals by Melissa R Kaplan

Stainless Endless Radiance (Arcadian Mix)
Written by Kasson Crooker & Briana Marela (BMI)
Vocals & lyrics by Briana Marela
Briana Marela appears courtesy of Jagjaguwar
Published by Speed of Dark Music (BMI)
& Holy Sphere Music (BMI) administered
by Covertly Canadian Publishing (BMI)

Watercolor and lasercut design by Yancy Way
Mastered by Dave Locke/JP Masters