odyssey – one take sessions blu-ray iso-file

Minimum price: 3.00

Minimum price: 3.00


from the odyssey – one take sessions – blu-ray iso-file.

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download what you want of flac as 5.1, quad & stereo (all 48 kHz 24 bit), original live mixes & a AVCHD ISO-FILE with the quad mix (in 16 bit) of determination from lumia. AVCHD Blu-ray iso files can be played by, for example, VLC Mediaplayer or burned into 25 gb BD-R discs.
5.1, quad & stereo of the 3 tracks from oceanology (all 44 kHz 16 bit). (all stereo tracks added 320 kbps mp3)

AVCHD Blu-ray here for 12€   and  Free FLAC download (incl. a quad mix ISO-file) here

5.1 flac streaming of determination 2017 (here as a 19:07 downmix of 46:59 – from lumia 1997 – 2021 remix)  and here in stereo.

emersion+object subsides+superfluent surface (10:51 downmix of the three track being together 61:51) & in stereo.

Review by paligap from quadraphonicquad.com/forums: “This is excellent music, I must say. Thanks so much for sharing.”

Track list of 5.1, quad and stereo mixes:

  1. lumia – determination 2021   (46:59 – from lumia 1997 + 2021 remix)
  2. oceanology – emersion   (20:56 – from oceanology 1998. 2021 remix)
  3. oceanology – object subsides   (20:43 – from oceanology 1998. 2021 remix)
  4. oceanology – superfluent surface   (20:12 – from oceanology 1998. 2021 remix)
  5. lumia – redefined emptiness   (34:20 – from lumia 1997. 2021 remix)
  6. lumia – determination live mix   (46:59 – from lumia 1997. 2021 remix)

music by jesper pedersen, lukas exjan printz


We have One Life to live.

Determination from the album Lumia is a One Take Live Recording. It is about Death & Life and the biimplication.

Lumia was recorded back in 1997 a few weeks after loss of my best friend/cousin. Especially recording this track was the most life-affirming act to start move on and seize the day.

(By Jan Printz 12th March 2021.)

lumia was a one take live recording, recorded live without an audience and instantly mixed to a stereo track in 1997. recorded at dronninglund college July 97 digital as a 44 kHz 16 bit stereo track.
in 2017 added a lot of guitars and percussion for the 5.1 mix at Printz Music Studio to 48kHz 24bit. remixed in 2021 and added quad mix and a AVCHD ISO-FILE.

the live recording from 1997 ‘redefined emptiness’ is remixed 2021 and added. – full album stereo streaming / mp3 here.

pianoes & synthesizers by jesper pedersen – synthesizers, piano and bass by lukas ex – drums, percussion & guitars by jan printz


oceanology was a one take live recording, recorded live without an audience in 44 kHz 16 bit and mixed afterwards from two stereo tracks at dronninglund college in 1998. 5.1 remix made out of the 2 stereotracks  July 2012 at Printz Music Studio. and remixed in march 2021. – full album stereo streaming / mp3 here.

synthesizers by jesper pedersen – synthesizers, computer & programming by lukas ex – percussion & guitar by jan printz

2017 extention was published Jun 8, 2017. 2021 Remix published Mar 12, 2021.