David Miles Huber – Chamberland Original Mix

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5.1 streaming of magenta (track 5)

Stereo streaming on Bandcamp

Chamberland – original mix was nominated for a Grammy in the “best surround sound album category” 2012. Like its namesake, this project encompasses many facets; at its heart it is an electronic project and performance piece that is both complex and chill. Being composed from various live and electronic instrument elements, it lends itself perfectly as an immersive musical experience in the home or on the dance floor.

released June 15, 2012


david miles huber (producer/artist – seattle/berlin), vocals/ethno flutes, MIDI grand piano (recorded at glenn sound studios, seattle)
ari joshua (guitar – recorded at youngstown center for the arts, seattle)
david miles huber (ableton live and nuendo session mastering – seattle/berlin)
emiliano caballero fraccaroli (european assistant)
sterling huber (assistant engineer, seattle)
brux callison (us assistant)

special thanks goes to my ever-understanding partner, dan butler; the folks at steinberg; NARAS (the grammys); galaxy studios & galaxy interactive (belgium); Anurag Gulati (phoenix); yvonne zimmerling (berlin); nhow hotel and staff (berlin); youngstown cultural arts center (seattle); big arts labs (la); glenn sound (seattle); maurice patist and pmc speakers; north american pro audio

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