Against “Nature”



Download want you want of 5.1 multichannel FLAC in 96 kHz 24 bit and stereo FLAC in 44-16.

5.1 streaming of ‘A Million Arms’

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The entire Amor Fati catalogue is gradually being captured, remixed and reissued. This second re-release is called “Against Nature” featuring Amor Fati and Vandal X. The vinyl quickly sold out and was never re-issued.

The band thrived in the culture of City Gardens in Trenton, NJ. When it was first released it received rave reviews and recommendations from such musicians as Steve Albini and Jello Biafra.

There is a BluRay Disc also available. High resolution 24bit/96khz and remixed for stereo and surround sound (5.1). It took me two years to complete this.
Hope you enjoy it,
Amor Fati

Review from Hi-Res Edition


1. A Million Arms   04:51
2. Underbreath   02:10
3. American Girl   03:34
4. Little Man   05:25
5. Against ”Nature”   05:46
6. Go Under   03:19
7. The Family   03:43
8. No Turns   03:33
9. Resolution No. 1 in the Style of Branca   05:32
10. Underbreath_v2   02:24


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